how dropshipping hair works

Sell Online with an E-Commerce Hair Website!

An amazing hair extension website is a crucial part of selling hair extensions online.

Our development team is experts at launching the perfect website to get you started. This will save you countless hours in the process of getting your hair business launched.

Every day it takes to launch your business is another day you are not getting hair sales!

We can help launch your brand in just 21 days with a beautiful hair extension website that will get you sales. Leave the development to the experts. Your site will be hosted on some of the fastest running servers in the industry. Nobody likes to shop on a slow website.

The hair extension websites include all our products loaded and ready for business. We will add your logo, contact details, about info and everything else to make the site your own.

The hair extension websites also include access to our dropshipping system. There is no easier and cost effective way to get your hair extension business online!

Get More Info: Hair Extension Websites

Do You Dropship Wigs, 3D Mink Lashes & Edge Control?


Not only do we dropship hair but we also specialize in wigs, 3D mink lashes, and edge control.

This allows you to sell more of what your clients are looking for. These items can also have your branding added to them to make it your own.

How Dropshipping Works

You have made your first sale. WooHoo! It will be the first of many we hope.

What happens next?

It is crucial that you get your customer their hair order lightning fast and we are here to help.

Let’s just say you sold a few bundles for a retail price of $200 including shipping fees. So you have accepted the payment and now have the money in your account.

You would then visit Re-create your customer’s order and put your info in the “Billing Address” and your customer’s info in the “Shipping Address.” Then you checkout for a wholesale price of $125 including the price of shipping. This would leave you with a $75 profit and we handle all the packing, shipping and inventory for your order!

You set your own prices!

We do not work off of percentages. You buy at wholesale and sell at retail. The retail price is whatever you set it to be.